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7/19/2011 - More businesses turning to energy-efficient technology to save

Many business owners are turning to more efficient technologies.

An increasing number of businesses are resorting to energy-efficient utilities for their buildings and are doing so because it saves them money.

According to a worldwide survey conducted by Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency, the International Facility Management Association and the Urban Land Institute, cost savings, incentives and public image were among the most common reasons cited for why building owners were pursuing green energy alternatives.

"We are seeing record levels of energy management and reduction projects around the world, driven mainly by financial reasons, more than environmental concerns," said Dave Myers, vice president and president of building efficiency for Johnson Controls. "We applaud building owners for stepping up efforts to make their facilities more energy efficient and sustainable."

There was some evidence to suggest building owners also had the environment in mind, as three out of four said they had set carbon reduction goals for their business. Primarily, though, cost was the chief motivating factor.

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