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9/10/2013 - More landlords adhering to smoking bans

Landlords are ensuring smoking bans are becoming the norm at rental properties across the country.

With smokers having fewer options for places in which it's permissible to light up, it may come as no surprise that they are increasingly being told that they're not allowed to smoke in their very own apartment as well.

According to the Chicago Tribune, even though more landlords are making non-smoking policies known before tenants even apply, smoking bans are more mainstream than ever, as noted by Rick Haughey, vice president of operations and technology for the National Multi Housing Council.

Haughey told the paper that with the adverse health effects being well-documented, the main reason more landlords are banning the practice boils down to the secondhand smoke, as the fumes from cigars and cigarettes can move throughout the building and be breathed in by those who don't smoke.

There are also cleaning costs to consider once tenants move out.

"Any soft surface would absorb the smells," said Haughey. "Carpets would have to be cleaned, maybe even removed. And drapes would more likely need to be cleaned."

Besides the health benefits, quitting smoking can help tenants save with their renters insurance premiums. According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 1,000 smokers and non-smokers die each year from home and apartment fires triggered by cigarette ashes.

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