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9/18/2013 - Most Americans say they're ready for a lengthy blackout

A number of homeowners nationwide feel they are prepared should a blackout occur.

If Americans were to experience a power outage that lasted several days, most say that they would have the necessary preparations in place to get through the ordeal, a new poll shows.

According to Harris Interactive, nearly 55% of respondents said that they would be able to take on a blackout without much of a problem, even though they recognize that it would be inconvenient and unpleasant.

Based on responses, some homeowners are more prepared than others. For example, 58% of Westerners claim they would be properly equipped, versus about 44% of Midwesterners. Roughly 55% of Southerners and Easterners say the same.

There is some debate about the prevalence of environmental disasters occurring more frequently, many of which knock the power of homeowners and businesses out. If a lengthy power outage were to occur, policyholders can recover from their losses with the proper homeowners or businessowners insurance plan. For example, losses such as massive amounts of food spoiling in the refrigerator due to the lack of electricity that keeps cold air in place can be covered.

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