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1/27/2012 - Most business owners expressing confidence about 2012

Business owners are more confident about 2012.

A new survey indicates that business owners are pretty optimistic about their futures when asked to assess how their companies will fare in 2012.

Conducted by The Small Business Authority, 1,000 respondents were asked how they felt about their companies' potential successes in 2012. The poll found 64% were optimistic, while 20% were pessimistic. The remaining 16% believed their businesses' results would be stable.

"To be frank, we are pleasantly surprised at the optimism that is being generated by over 1,000 of our small business clients," said Barry Sloane, chairman and president of the SBA. "We attribute this optimism to the recent headline drop in the unemployment rate, the growth in consumer spending and small gains in hiring in the fourth quarter."

With business owners' confident about their future success, it may have some considering reassessing their business insurance coverage in anticipation that they'll be expanding their facilities.

The poll also questioned business owners about whether they found it easier to grow their sales or reduce costs. More than two-thirds said improving sales was easier.

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