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8/20/2014 - NHTSA Reminds Parents to Keep Kids Out of Hot Cars

As the summer heats up, remember the dangers of leaving children in hot cars

As the summer heat ramps up, safety officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urge parents to be mindful of their children as they go about their daily activities, making sure to always have them by their side even when making short stops at the corner store.

Each year, far too many young children tragically die of heat stroke from being left behind in a hot vehicle. In fact, based on research from the San Francisco University Department of Geosciences, 44 children lost their lives last year through these types of accidents that no auto insurance claim could ever fully recompense.

For many years now, NHTSA has partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide to promote the awareness campaign "Where's Baby? Look Before You Lock." According to the organization's analysis, approximately 14% of parents say they've errantly left their young son or daughter alone in a hot car in the past before.

Even when it doesn't seem like it's all that warm out, it can be stifling in an automobile despite the windows being rolled down. Research shows that after as little as 10 minutes, temperatures can reach dangerous levels with the windows left ajar.

Of course, what every parent wants to ensure is that these situations never take place. To avoid heat stroke, parents are reminded to teach their kids never to play inside a parked vehicle. To err on the side of caution, parents should keep their car doors locked when their vehicle is parked at home. Additionally, if out on a trip, put something in the back seat that's needed, like a cellphone. This serves as a reminder to look in the back of the car before exiting it.

For more information on auto insurance, speak with a Selective agent. Parents can also find additional tips on heat stroke at

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