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1/16/2012 - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issues maintenance recommendations

Drivers should have a tune-up to better deal with inclement conditions.

With winter's arrival and many parts of the country already receiving considerable amounts of snowfall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is advising motorists to prepare their vehicles for treacherous conditions.

"It's not uncommon for families to travel long distances or through inclement weather to … visit with loved ones," said David Strickland administrator of the NHTSA. "With this in mind, it's important that drivers properly maintain their vehicles and always drive responsibly – never texting behind the wheel or driving drunk and always wearing a seat belt."

The NHTSA says motorists can take other safety precautions to make sure they get to their destinations safely. This includes taking vehicles to a mechanic for a tune-up if they haven't received one in a while and checking the battery for signs of wear, which is especially important to do in the cold weather months.

In addition, the agency advises drivers to check their coolant, as when temperatures drop, coolant can freeze and expand. To prevent this from happening, the NHTSA says to make sure the antifreeze used is designed to withstand frigid temperatures.

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