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8/31/2012 - Nearly half of small business owners have no intention of retiring

Most small business owners do not anticipate retiring.

Perhaps because of the sluggish economy, a considerable number of small business owners indicate they have no plans of retiring and hope to stay on the job for as long as their health allows it.

In Barlow Research's Economic Pulse Survey, 43% of owners of small businesses with annual sales between $100,000 and $10 million do not anticipate ever retiring from their positions. However, of those who do plan to leave the workforce at some point, the average at which they will do so is now 67 years, up slightly from previous polls. Most of these same individuals intend to cut their hours, though, as three in every four indicated they will shift to part-time.

Bernie Kuechler, project director at Barlow Research, noted that the survey suggests business owners' confidence levels have weakened and that if it continues, there could be a decline in loan demand.

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