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12/13/2013 - New generation of business travelers speak up

Millenials are most likely to inform hotel staff members if their wishes aren't being accommodated to their satisfaction.

Whether they're for festive celebrations, to enjoy some much-needed time off with family or for strictly business purposes, travel season never takes a holiday for hotel owners, as a recent survey provides a glimpse into what the typical hotel guest is like among the generations.

According to the online survey conducted by polling firm Harris Interactive and commissioned by web-based travel site Expedia, millennials - individuals between 18 and 30 - have some distinctive traits in regards to their spending and travel habits when booking a hotel. For example, the poll found that millennials have more of an opportunity to order room service when compared to other demographic groups, due to the reasons in which they're traveling. Millennials today tend to travel more for business than other age groups, and previous polls have shown that room service is a frequent request for business travelers.

These same individuals are also more likely to inform hotel staff members if their wishes aren't being accommodated to their satisfaction. The poll found that 18-to-30-year-olds were more likely to air their displeasure as it relates to their experience with their stay in various avenues, including transportation, flights, public transit and rental cars.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia, noted that millennials are fast becoming the biggest movers and shakers in today's economy, as they are assuming the position of decision maker in businesses. It's up to the accommodations industry to ensure that their needs are taken care of for however long they intend to stay.

The lodging industry performed well in 2012, earning north of $39 million in pretax income, according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association. That's 14% more than in 2011. Much of their revenue gains emanated from quality customer service. Businessowners insurance provides hotels and resorts the coverage it needs to help accommodate their own demands but also those of their patrons who may need to be compensated after sustaining a loss.

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