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10/24/2013 - New list sure to bring increased volume for restaurateurs named the 25 best eateries for American cuisine.

One of the internet's most visited websites for people looking to find the country's best restaurants has released its list of which eateries are the most popular among Americans.

The list, compiled by, pinpoints 25 of the most sought-after food establishments, which all primarily serve American-style fare, such as steaks, hamburgers, chicken and pasta.

Several states were represented in the poll, including California, South Carolina, Nevada, Minnesota, Virginia, Florida, Delaware, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Michigan. In addition, some states had multiple representatives, such as Florida with Sam Snead's Tavern in Orlando and Thirsty Marlin Largo Grill and Bar in Largo. Three hailed from the Golden State -- San Diego's Studio Diner, Sacramento's Squeeze Inn and Costa Mesa's Wolfgang Puck Bistro.

With millions of people frequenting each year, this list is bound to result in increased business for the eateries named. Selective provides businessowners insurance coverage for restaurateurs , such as spoilage of refrigerated property in the event of a power failure, accidental discharge of automatic cooking protection systems and equipment breakdown.

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