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5/26/2011 - Nissan to fix 5,300 Leafs

Nissan says many Leaf vehicles may have an issue restarting.

A small number of owners of the Nissan Leaf may have trouble starting their vehicle, and as a result, the carmaker is issuing a "service campaign."

In a press release, Nissan said 5,300 Leafs currently on the road will have to bring their vehicle to a local dealer to have the problem fixed, which Nissan said relates to the car's ignition system.

Traditionally, such a move would be labeled a recall, but Nissan said that because the issue should not pose a threat to a person's safety, this is a "service campaign."

The foreign carmaker said Leaf owners will know if they need to have their car fixed, as a message will appear through the vehicle's on-board telematics system over the next few days.

The Associated Press reports the fix should take no more than an hour.

A car's safety rating is one of the factors that insurance companies use to determine rates. Industry analysts say a single recall usually doesn't seriously affect premiums, but that may be a different story if a model has been called back several times.

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