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5/1/2012 - One-third of businesses may be at risk for cyber theft

Shredding documents is one data security measure.

A new survey indicates that while a considerable number of employees have access to their companies' private information, this type of data is rarely protected.

According to the Fellowes' Workplace Data Security Report, 81% of office employees are permitted to gain entry to sensitive information of the business they work for, but just 62% indicate their companies have some type of financial security policy or program in place that can protect against breaches.

"Whether electronic or in paper form, confidential information in the workplace is a hot item for theft and the methods employed by criminals to obtain this information are constantly evolving," said John Sileo, national identity theft expert. "With smart prevention measures, you can help your company avoid a costly breach that can lead to personal consequences."

Some of the things Sileo recommends doing are locking one's office before leaving for the day, shredding documents that are no longer necessary and protecting a computer with a cyber protection program.

Cyber theft can have insurance implications as well. Selective's CyCurity® cyber liability insurance can help businesses protect themselves from liability issues that may result after systems have been hacked. CyCurity® offers coverage for losses arising from electronic media liability and electronic information security. The product also provides coverage for security breach expenses.

To learn more, talk to your Selective agent today about CyCurity®, Selective's cyber liability insurance protection for your business.

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