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8/1/2014 - People Still Call More Than Text, Poll Suggests

A new poll shows that texting hasn't fallen by the wayside completely, and calls are still the norm.

Though texting may be all the rage these days, a new poll suggests that consumers still prefer hearing one another's voices rather than typing responses to communicate.

When asked what their preferred means of correspondence was, more than half of respondents said a phone call, according to a survey performed by ORC International and commissioned by a major telecommunications provider. Additionally, nearly three-quarters of consumers said that when it came to talking about something memorable or life-altering - such as a wedding announcement or pregnancy - three-quarters said the phone was the way to go, if face-to-face communication was impossible.

"There's nothing like hearing a loved one's voice when you can't be together, and this research shows that the majority of people feel the same way," said Barbara Goodstein, chief marketing officer for the New Jersey-based telephone services company. "When you have something important to share, you don't want the significance of your news to fall flat with a text or an email. With a phone call, friends and family are able to hear the excitement in your voice and share in the emotion of the moment."

Interestingly, there was some differentiation among men and women regarding the individuals they most typically call. More than one-third of men said it was their spouse or significant other, while 1 in 4 women said it was typically their children.

While cellular technology has made telephone ubiquitous, enabling people to get in touch with family or friends at any place and at any time, safety officials have never been more adamant about recommending phone conversations not be had while driving. In a dozen states, hand-held phone use is prohibited to motorists due to the increased risk of being involved in a crash, which often results in an auto insurance claim, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Texting while driving is banned in 43 states.

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