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12/26/2012 - Police officers in Delaware on the prowl for distracted drivers

Distracted driving is being monitored by authorities nationwide.

Delaware police officers recently cracked down on motorists who text or use a cellphone while at the wheel through a tough new enforcement campaign, which netted a considerable number of violators.

According to the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, between November 7 and 20, nearly 1,850 drivers were pulled over and flagged for operating a vehicle while distracted.

Lewis D. Schillro, secretary of safety and home security, noted that while it's discouraging that so many people were cited for distracted driving, it's encouraging that these people were taken off the road, avoiding a potential auto insurance claim resulting from an accident that led to a death or injury.

"We are particularly proud of our law enforcement partners throughout the State who joined with us to send a strong message about the dangers of distracted driving and for the excellent job they did in protecting the citizens of this state," said Schillro.

The enforcement campaign, dubbed "The Phone in One Hand. Ticket in the Other," is the first wave of several enhanced efforts that will be conducted within the next 12 months. Police say the next will begin in early 2013.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Delaware is one of 10 states where all handheld cellphone use is prohibited.

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