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1/24/2013 - Poll: Americans place a high priority on green energy

Americans seem to be in favor of domestic green energy.

A new poll indicates that while Americans are all for more domestic energy production, they're not in favor if it comes at the expense of sacrificing green living.

According to a recent survey conducted in partnership by the Civil Society Institute and the Environmental Working Group, an overwhelming majority of consumers - 95% - say they want their representatives in Congress to more effectively balance energy production by focusing more on clean water and air technologies.

There's also a ground swell of support as it pertains to determining what our national water resources are currently. More than nine in every 10 Americans polled said that energy planning and decision making regarding energy production should be based on a more "comprehensive understanding" of what assets are already available. This knowledge can then be further exploited for the country's benefit.

Many have concerns about fracking
Meanwhile, an issue that a slightly smaller percentage of Americans agree on regards fracking, which involves deep drilling into the earth's surface in order to extract natural gas. Approximately three in every four Americans say that they have at least heard about what fracking is and just over half say that they are very familiar with it. However, 89% of those who have heard of it have some problems with it as it pertains to the impact it has on the environment, particularly in regards to the property damage it can cause and the potential impact on water quality.

"The poll findings indicate that Americans want political leadership that takes a balanced approach to production of energy," said Wayne Russum, senior vice president of ORC International, which conducted the poll.

He added that consumers are overwhelmingly interested in reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible.

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