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1/9/2013 - Poll: Most Americans say 2013 will be better for them financially than 2012

Many consumers foresee better personal finances in 2013.

While the new year may have just begun, a considerable percentage of Americans believe it will turn out better for them financially than last year did, a recent survey reveals.

According to a new poll conducted by, more than half of Americans - 52% - indicate that 2013 will be a favorable year for them, more so than in 2012 or the few years prior to that. Just 37% think the year will pan out in a worse way.

Jackie Warrick, president and chief savings officer for the discount website, said it's encouraging that so many people are bullish about what the new year will bring.

"Regardless of their financial situation, many people see the start of a new year as a chance to refocus and retool their finances," said Warrick. "Our survey reveals more people are optimistic about what the coming year holds than they were last year, but it's not always an easy road."

She added that some may get off to a rough start, given that the economy is not yet fully up to par.

When respondents were asked what they intend to do in 2013 to make their money situation better, the majority of those polled said they would become a smarter shopper, seeking out discounts wherever they could find them. They also look to make more investments, focus more on 401(k) planning and become more appropriately insured, such as securing the best businessowners policy for companies they may have just recently started.

In addition to obtaining the right amount of coverage, the way in which policyholders pay for their insurance plans may go a long way toward improving one's fiscal circumstances. For example, they may want to adjust the size of their deductible. Paying $500 instead of $300 toward an auto insurance deductible can help individuals pay less for their plan over a given year.

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