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8/8/2013 - Poll: Most companies misread prevalence of malicious software

Executives at companies nationwide may need to add more security measures to their businesses’ networks.

While most business owners are aware of the threats posed by cyber attackers, they aren't fully appreciative of just how voluminous and omnipresent they can be, a new poll suggests.

According to a recent survey conducted by internet security provider Kaspersky Lab, there are about 200,000 new malware threats that occur worldwide each day. But when managers and CEOs were asked to give their estimate for how many they think there are, 90% cited a number that much lower than the actual total and only 6% of respondents thought of a figure that wasn't completely off from experts' estimates.

The global poll also found that North American-based business operations were affected by malware more frequently than others. Approximately three-quarters of all the U.S. and Canadian companies noted that they had been affected by it in the past year.

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