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2/26/2013 - Poll: Motorists prefer private mechanics over dealers

Private mechanics are the choice of many drivers when their vehicles need repairs.

When it comes to who consumers most rely on and trust to fix their cars when an issue or accident arises that prevents them from driving, motorists opt for the independent shop over the big conglomerate.

According to a recent poll conducted by vehicle repair information website AutoMD.com, when respondents were asked which outlet they trusted more to competently fix their vehicles, more than two-thirds said they favored a professional mechanic that was a small business owner. Only 33% said they preferred an authorized dealer.

Not only do today's drivers have a greater reliance on independent repair shops than dealers in regards to repair issues, but they also place more faith that they will quote them a price that's fair. Eight in 10 respondents indicated that they felt like they had been overcharged by a dealership in the past. Additionally, participants noted their confident they'd be able to save 10% or more on services with an independent versus a dealership.

"We conducted this snapshot survey to provide a window into how today's car owners feel about their repair shop/dealership service center options, and found that price and relationships are making consumers push the independent trigger," said Brian Hafer, vice president of marketing for AutoMD.com.

He added that the sole exception for when motorists might favor a dealer over a professional mechanic that's independently operated is if their vehicle is still under a manufacturer's warranty.

Other reasons for why motorists sided with privately owned mechanics included being exceptionally knowledgeable, price guarantees and fidelity, in that they have always taken their vehicle to one specific mechanic in the past.

Motorists who are new to a given region may be unfamiliar with who or what company is best to fix a car. Auto insurance providers serve as a valuable resource to go to, as providers deal with mechanics frequently and can give policyholders tips on which ones are the most trustworthy and reliable. To read more about Selective's auto safety tips and learn how you can save money on your auto insurance, click here.

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