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9/11/2013 - Poll: NYC business owners hiring

Hiring is picking up in numerous areas of the nation in recent months.

As summer 2013 comes to a close and Americans refocus their attention on their employment, a considerable number of business owners say that they are looking to hire in the days and months ahead - particularly among entrepreneurs in New York.

Talent management firm 24 Seven recently conducted a poll among 4,000 company managers and executives. The New York City-based company found that more than two-thirds of the city's executives are hiring at a pace far faster than prior to the recession, and will maintain or increase this activity moving forward.

This may come as welcome news to New York-based workers who are looking for alternative employment, as other findings from the poll showed that the majority of respondents (75%) were unhappy with their present position at their workplace.

Celeste Gudas, CEO of 24 Seven, indicated that today's men and women have strong desires about where they work for a living - especially in the nation's most populous city.

"New Yorkers are infamously demanding, so it is no surprise that they have high expectations for on-the-job happiness," said Gudas.

She added that city-based workers also put a great deal of priority on the perks that they get, valuing it nearly as much as the amount of money they earn.

"While salary is still the most important contributor to job satisfaction, New Yorkers value flextime and summer days off more than other cities in the survey," she said.

Other cities wherein entrepreneurs and employees were polled included Los Angeles, Chicago and several additional major metropolitan areas.

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