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8/6/2014 - Poll: Toyota Top Brand Referenced for New-Car Shoppers Who Remember Recall

Car shoppers remember well when a brand is involved in a recall, a new report has confirmed.

A safety recall may occasionally serve as an issue that causes new-car shoppers to reconsider whether they'll go with one automaker over another. And according to a recent poll, there are some brands that motorists have an easier time remembering than others.

Close to 50% of new-car shoppers said that they remembered at least one specific instance in which automaker Toyota had a recall, vehicle valuation firm Kelley Blue Book found in a recent poll. Similarly, close to 40% of respondents said that they remembered a recall by General Motors and 38% said the same about auto manufacturing company Chevrolet.

"Shoppers are willing to forgive, but not forget," said Arthur Henry, analyst.

He added that GM continues to be a popular brand among new-car shoppers, despite the negative press they may receive in the media.

"Whatever negative connotations GM has suffered from the recent recalls is minor when compared to the growing consumer interest the company has generated with its current line of compelling product," said Henry.

Among other brands, respondents weren't able to remember them quite as readily. Just 11% of new-car shoppers said that they remembered one recall issued by Ford, 9% for GMC and 7% for Chrysler.

Auto insurance is often linked with vehicle-related safety recalls. The Highway Loss Data Institute recently found in a study that several vehicle brands analyzed had a high insurance claim rate. This may have been due to owners not following up by having their car taken in to be fixed after being notified about a safety issue.

"This study shows that recalls are issued for a reason and they are effective at reducing risk," said Matt Moore, vice president of HLDI. "When you get a recall notice, don't put off the repairs."

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