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8/8/2011 - Pre-road trip tips

Consumers should take care of their vehicle before road trips.

While summertime is prime time for vacation, it's also a season when drivers may encounter car troubles, largely as a result of putting more miles on the vehicle than they do in the spring or fall. But all of that can be avoided with some pre-road trip maintenance, according to the Car Care Council.

Some of the things the CCC says drivers should check before hitting the road include all of the vehicle's fluids - such as windshield washer fluid, antifreeze and power steering liquid - making sure they're filled to the proper levels. In addition, the source states hoses and belts should be examined for cracks or signs of excessive wear and tear.

During the day, drivers should also make sure their headlights are working, the source indicates.

Finally, the CCC says drivers should make sure their tires are properly pumped and have plenty of tread. Bald tires lack traction, which could lead to an accident and the hassle of filing an auto insurance claim. 

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