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6/13/2013 - Recovery efforts continue after severe tornado leaves Oklahoma in tatters

Oklahoma has been devastated by tornadoes in recent weeks.

Though tornadoes are among the environmental disasters known to affect the Midwest, the deadly twister that affected Oklahoma is believed to be one of the most powerful storms the region has seen.

On May 20, several states were impacted by a devastating storm, with some of the most pervasive damage occurring in the town of Moore, Oklahoma. According to the National Weather Service, the tornado was on the ground for nearly an hour, was 17 miles long and a mile and a half wide and destroyed virtually everything in its path over 22 square miles.

With more than 1,200 residences wrecked in Moore alone and millions of dollars worth in homeowners insurance claims expected, relief efforts have been extensive. The American Red Cross served more than 27,000 relief items, served 170,000 meals and snacks and provided shelter for hundreds of people in towns like Moore and Shawnee.

The devastating string of tornadoes since then have left many people concerned about their safety and what they need to do should a twister ever affect their area. Both the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency offer tornado preparation tips that families may want to go over so that they can know the best plan of attack when severe weather threatens.

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