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4/11/2012 - Reducing the risk of wildfire damage

Fire-resistant shingles are one way to reduce potential wildfire damage.

While some parts of the country may be more susceptible to wildfires, the Federal Emergency Management Agency says these disasters can occur anywhere under certain weather conditions.

To help lessen the chances one's home will be impacted by wildfire, FEMA offers a few suggestions for homeowners.

One way is by keeping wildfires in mind when performing home maintenance. For instance, should a home need to be re-roofed, it may be advisable to buy new shingles that are fire-resistant. In addition, siding material is often treated with fire-retardant chemicals.

Landscaping tasks can also lessen the chance of being affected by a wildfire, FEMA notes. For example, when planting shrubs and trees, some vegetation are more fire resistant than others, such as hardwood trees like oak, walnut and maple. Pine, evergreen and eucalyptus trees are more susceptible to fire.

In addition, FEMA says homeowners should have their chimneys inspected twice a year and cleaned on an annual basis.

Residents may also want to review their homeowners insurance policies to ensure their plans include sufficient coverage for wildfires. For more information on how you can better prepare your home should a wildfire occur, click here to visit

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