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1/7/2013 - Researchers declare 'war on hail'

IBHS experts noted they are working to combat the effects of hail.

Hailstorms can be one of the more damaging forms of weather, resulting in a considerable number of homeowner's insurance claims each year. But researchers from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety want consumers to know that they are not taking this issue lying down.

At a recent symposium held in Irving, Texas, Julie Rochman, president and CEO of the IBHS, told insurance representatives and stakeholders that there's a war underway on hail. And thus far, the people are winning.

Among the issues talked about during the one-day event, Rochman explained that she and her fellow researchers have been building structures designed to be resilient to the effects of hail. More sturdy and pliable materials - such as those used for roofs and siding materials - could very well be used by builders in the coming years.

Tanya Brown, research engineer at IBHS, stated that in February, researchers will conduct an indoor hailstorm that will simulate the effects of an actual one, a project that's believed to be the first of its kind.

It's fitting that the event was held in Texas. Though hail events take place throughout the country, they're particularly common in the Lone Star State, as nearly 750 hail storms occurred there last year alone, according to statistics from the National Weather Service.
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