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10/25/2012 - Rhode Island heightens focus on traffic safety

Rhode Island is looking to improve roadway safety.

In an effort to reduce the number of auto insurance claims resulting from serious injuries on the roadway, the governor of Rhode Island has signed legislation that aims to make commuters more aware of traffic safety.

Recently, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed the Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Its formal goal is to not only reduce the number of accidents that take place on the Ocean State's streets, but to have zero deaths resulting from them as well.

Michael Lewis, director of the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles, indicated that the state has made significant strides when it comes to achieving this objective.

"We have attained some significant highway safety accomplishments over the past several years," said Lewis. "However, even with this plan, we must continue to strive for the best-engineered and safest roadways possible, as well as addressing proper driver behavior."

The plan is to make motorists more aware of some of the chief contributors of car crashes - such as impaired driving and speeding - and how drivers can avoid doing them.

Since 2007, traffic statistics indicate fatalities have fallen by 17% in New England's smallest state.

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