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3/14/2013 - Safety tips for restaurant staff

The potential for a fire needs to be on the minds of those who work in restaurants.

From hot stoves to handling sharp silverware, a restaurant has many hazards that can wind up injuring employees if they are not careful.

To help restaurateurs keep their staff safe and minimize injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers a few recommendations business owners should encourage their employees to follow.

For example, waiters and waitresses can put themselves at risk when clearing tables of silverware and plates by balancing or lifting too many of them at one time. Though handling many things at once may expedite the process, OSHA reminds wait staff to limit the number of plates that are carried, as too many may put too much of a strain on one's arms or back.

The kitchen itself can be a busy area as well, as chefs tend to the various food orders of restaurant customers. When walking behind cooks, restaurant staff should communicate that they are near so that they do not bump into each other, potentially leading to an injury.

Accidents can happen no matter how careful restaurant staff is. Business owners may want to make sure they have sufficient workers compensation insurance, in the event that an accident happens. Talk to your Selective agent today to learn more about insurance options for your restaurant business, or click here.

For more tips on restaurant safety, please click here.

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