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10/4/2013 - School uniforms increasingly popular

Educational facilities seeing an increase in formal dress code policies

With classes well underway this school year, a new trend is emerging that was much more common several decades ago - school uniforms.

According to a recent survey, which was conducted by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, formal dress code policies are on the increase in the U.S. Approximately half of principals and faculty surveyed said that they have a uniform policy in place, or if the don't yet, plan on installing one soon. That's up from 21% in 2000.

Gail Connelly, executive director for NAESP, indicated that many principals today believe uniforms set a standard and tone that reverberates throughout the school.

"We know that a school uniform policy can help reduce instances of classroom discipline and bullying, as well as improve student safety and attendance," said Connelly. "The use of school uniforms, whether in public or private schools, has a powerful influence on school culture in ways that contribute to greater levels of student achievement."

While studies suggest that the wearing of uniforms can be used as a hedge against discipline problems, students may still act up and deface school property. Selective offers business insurance protection for private schools, including property that's off-premises.

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