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7/25/2011 - Service warns businesses of environmental disasters

A new computer program could automatically alert business owners of potential disasters in their area.

Because small businessowners are often occupied by work-related tasks, they may not get word of impending environmental disasters before they can take the appropriate precautions. But two Wisconsin-based companies are teaming up to increase businessowners' awareness.

According to the Associated Press, Singlewire and Weather Central - both based in Madison - have created a product that helps alert businessowners of impending natural disasters.

"What we have is a software-based notification system that can alert people, very quickly, and on a very large scale," said Ken Bywaters, vice president of Singlewire Software, in an interview with the AP.

The news outlet says the product is called InformaCast. Representatives for the two companies say they've received dozens of inquiries in recent months from businesses around the world that are interested in the service.

Bywaters tells the AP businesses pay an upfront cost of $25 for office notifications and between $1 and $5 per person per year if people want to be notified when they're away from their workplace.

However, even advanced warning may not be enough to save a place of business from incurring severe damage. A businessowners insurance policy may provide financial assistance in the event of a disaster. To learn more about business insurance from Selective, click here or talk to a Selective agent today.

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