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5/8/2012 - Steps involved in the recovery process

Homeowners should contact their insurer immediately after a disaster.

Several parts of the country have received devastating weather patterns that have uprooted many businesses, homeowners and renters. In light of this, the Property Casualty Insurers Association is reminding consumers about the steps they should take if they experience a natural disaster as well as what specific plans cover.

For instance, PCI notes that the first thing individuals should do after their properties have been damaged is to get in touch with their insurance agent or company representative. They should then inspect their properties and automobiles for damage.

Next, PCI recommends documenting these losses by taking photographs, as this may help expedite the claims filing process.

For business owners, the insurance agency suggests keeping detailed records of expenses encountered during the business interruption period, as they may be able to be compensated by their insurer.

In addition, for individuals who have renters insurance, PCI reminds them that their possessions should be covered under the windstorm peril portion of their policies.

For more resources on what to do before and after a weather-related disaster, visit

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