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10/17/2013 - Study: Attention spans elevated while watching TV on small mobile devices

Viewers’ attention spans appear to be highest when watching programs on their mobile devices.

While big screen televisions may be a fundamental component to the living rooms of those who enjoy kicking back and stretching out at the end of a long day, a recent poll suggests that many Americans like to take TV with them on their mobile device. And when they do so, they're more likely to pay attention to what's being aired compared to when they're watching at home on a larger device.

The analysis, which was conducted by the Council for Research Excellence, followed approximately 6,000 participants who frequently used mobile devices for television-viewing. The study also tracked how likely these individuals were to multitask when on these devices compared to when they were watching television in a traditional setting. The researchers discovered that as a general rule, the smaller the device, the more attention was paid to whatever was being aired.

"People are bringing devices from room to room, and out of the home, and on their commutes," said Joanne Burns, head of research for 20th Television and co-chair of the CRE's Media Consumption and Engagement Committee. "TV sets still rule in the home, even for the younger demographics - but elsewhere, and even in the home for multitaskers, smartphones are becoming an important device for viewing professional TV content."

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