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3/2/2012 - Study reveals parents' shopping behaviors

Children model others' behaviors while shopping.

The results of a recent survey may help business owners determine how they can better connect with customers, which could help increase their bottom line.

The survey, conducted by Big Red Rooster - a retail experience innovation firm - mainly focused on retail customers who were parents.

Among the results from the study, the firm found that today's parents champion activities that acknowledge traditional values - such having dinner together as a family. It also discovered that three out of every four of today's parents live within 30 miles of their own parents.

Other results from the study indicated that parents find frugality to be important, as 98% of moms and dads polled said the pre-planned their grocery shopping lists and budgeted the amount of money they spent for food.

"It's vital for retailers to be aware of this growing demographic and its expectations in-store, online and at point of sale," said Dan Stanek, executive vice president of the business research firm. "[Today's] parents' spending power will continuously grow, and retailers must innovate to meet their evolving needs."

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