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6/21/2013 - Summer's here: Are you ready for swimsuit season?

Employees who partake in company wellness programs may actually look forward to swimsuit season.

With summer now here, the swimsuit season is about to kick into full gear as individuals shed their winter attire and enjoy the warm breeze. But as a recent survey suggests, a considerable number of people aren't looking forward to this time of year due to concerns that they're not as physically fit as they ought to be.

According to the poll, which was conducted by Research Now, of the 1,000 adults who were surveyed, nearly half said that they were dreading the mere thought of putting on beach attire, citing how they felt overweight and self-conscious about baring more skin.

Chuck Runyon, CEO for an internationally recognized health club that commissioned the poll, noted that individuals' answer to this problem couldn't be more straightforward.

"We need to make healthy diets and exercise programs more accessible to everyone," said Runyon.

Perhaps with these people in mind, that's just what business owners are attempting to do, hoping that by making it easier for their employees to exercise, they'll take advantage of it.

More employers helping workers reach their weight loss goals
However, despite the willpower that many people have to slim down, this alone often isn't enough for the average worker to devote their time and attention to getting trim. As a result, the overwhelming majority of business owners say that they offer a combination of rewards and incentives to motivate more of their workers to get healthy.

The non-profit organization, Midwest Business Group on Health reveals that approximately 85% of companies use a carrot and stick approach to inspire employees to make healthy living a priority, according to a recent poll that was conducted.

"Most employers find that unless they offer some form of incentive, employees and dependents often don't participate in programs that are meant to prevent and reduce chronic disease, resulting in millions of benefits dollars being wasted," said Larry Boress, MBGH president and CEO.

He added that of the employers who responded to the survey, employers have often found success with this type of approach and found that more people have been actively engaged in their efforts to become healthier.

As important as it may be for company managers to want to improve the well-being of their staff, such as by opening a gym on site, they need to be aware of the insurance implications should someone be injured while lifting or jogging.

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