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8/19/2014 - Survey: Moms Say They Decide What Car the Family Gets

When it comes to buying cars, moms have the final say

When it comes to the person in the family who has the final say on the vehicle that's purchased, the decision more often than not falls to dear old mom, based on the results of a recently performed survey.

Close to three in every four moms said they're the "sole decision-maker" when the time comes to buy a new automobile, according to a poll funded by and performed by C+R Research. Additionally, 6 in 10 mothers indicated that they typically go to the same dealer for all the vehicles they purchase in order to establish a level of trust and rapport.

Jennifer Newman, editor at the online resource for new and used auto listings, indicated that there's a lot that women have to consider before coming to a conclusion on what car to take home.

"[That's] because their car is often tasked with hauling not only the entire family or carpool, but also all of the gear that goes along with them," said Newman. "There's no such thing as the perfect family car because every family's needs are different. As a result, it's essential that shoppers do their research."

She further stated that once additional details are gathered, moms - or anyone else who happens to be in the market for a new car - can go to their dealer confident they know what they're looking for.

Other times, women may go to the internet to find the information they need. The poll found that 60% of moms said that they tend to believe what they discover online more than what they're told about a particular vehicle from a dealer.

As a general rule, women get into fewer accidents than men, according to the Insurance Information Institute. As a result, all other things being equal, their auto insurance premiums tend to be more affordable.

For more information on the factors that influence rates, talk to a local Selective agent.

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