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2/13/2014 - Temperature extremes call for added vigilance

Freezing temperatures serve as a reminder of just how dangerous Mother Nature can be, both for cold and heat.

Only a couple of months into the New Year and weather records have been shattered all across the country. For the most part, these unparalleled events have had to do with bone-chilling cold, largely resulting from a Polar Vortex that gripped virtually all of the country in January as well as a multitude of snow storms barreling down dropping near record amounts of precipitation.

But even as recently as this past November, it was record warmth that the Earth experienced. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration noted in December, that November was the warmest one ever to be recorded since data of this type was first kept track of in 1880.

It's these weather extremes that safety officials say are cause for concern. For example, studies have shown that as the temperatures increase, so too do instances of road rage, occasionally resulting in auto insurance claims after an accident. And, as noted recently by the Department of Geosciences at San Francisco State University, there were more than 40 heatstroke-related deaths last year among young children in the U.S., largely due to their being accidentally left inside of hot cars.  Since then, the NHTSA and child injury prevention organization Safe Kids, teamed up to create this list of tips for when the mercury rises.

Similarly, when the thermometer drops, many face the dangers of brutal storms resulting in ice-covered roads for motorists and lost power, frozen pipes and down trees for homeowners.  Knowing that these risks are imminent this time of the year, Selective has prepared a quick guide for homeowners and business owners, to ensure you're prepared for the cold weather.

While extreme temperatures may still be the exception rather than the rule, at Selective we know that one can never be too careful when it comes to staying safe.  To learn more about how Selective can help protect you, speak with one of our specialized independent agents today.

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