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8/16/2011 - Things to do before kids go away for college

Before high school graduates go to college, there are some insurance-related steps parents should take.

With the summer winding down and the school season just around the corner, parents may be unaware of the insurance implications regarding their college-aged children.

To help, the Insurance Information Institute offers parents of university-bound kids some tips.

For example, similar to a home inventory, III says parents should help their kids make a "dorm inventory," of costly items, such as electronics, musical instruments and jewelry.

Because college-aged kids typically move away from home and onto campus, the III says parents should contact their insurance agent as they may need to purchase supplemental insurance. If so, III says discounts may be available and parents should inquire about them. Students on their parents' policy living more than 100 miles away from home may also be entitled to an auto insurance discount. 

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