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6/18/2012 - Three unusual collectibles that are insured

Believe it or not, one Rhode Island resident took out an insurance policy on a tank.

Besides necessities, homes and vehicles, many people also purchase insurance for their collectibles. To illustrate this, PropertyCasualty360 lists some of the more unusual things policyholders have taken out policies on.

Can't imagine insuring a tank? A Rhode Island resident can, as the website indicates a Vietnam War veteran took a liking to the armored vehicles a few years ago and has since established himself quite the collection.

Quilts traditionally line beds and sofas but they are also used for decorative purposes. In fact, making quilts is a hobby of a Mississippi woman, - Sally G. - and her creations have won several State Fair competitions. She has insured the ones that have earned her the prestigious blue ribbon, the insurance news website notes.

Comic books have been collected for ages and because some of them are rare, they can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Seeing the potential that one of his original "X-Men" comics could be damaged, the website notes that collector William Z. insured his superhero collection.

Click here to see some of the more unusual things that people are insuring.

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