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3/28/2013 - Tips to Support National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Data breaches have become more prevalent over the past two years.

With internet hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated with how they illegally tap into business owners' networks, organizations are ill-prepared to counteract these privacy invasions, a recent report concludes.

According to a new study published by the Ponemon Institute, which surveyed security practitioners in eight different countries, including the U.S., data breaches have become more prevalent over the past two years. And while many business owners are aware of this fact, they often don't have the capability to fight off the threat. Approximately two-thirds of respondents indicated that they generally understood the root cause of where the hacking attempts were coming from, but only 40% said they had the personnel and tools to put a stop to it.

Another issue is how long these security breaches take to discover. The report found that on average, nearly three months pass before the hack is noticed and it takes an additional 123 days to resolve the problem.

John Vecci, vice president of marketing for Solera Networks, which commissioned the study, said that the longer business owners take, the more it winds up costing them.

"Security breaches continue to occupy the headlines on a daily basis, making it clear that there is still much work to be done before companies are prepared for the inevitability of today's advanced targeted attacks," said Vecci. "In a post-prevention world, organizations must shift their focus toward attaining the real-time visibility, context and big data security analytics needed to see, detect, eradicate and respond to advanced malware and zero-day attacks."

Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the data and privacy management firm, added that the results from the poll clearly show that more needs to be done so business owners can "close this persistent window of exposure."

Selective's CyCurity® program can serve as a partial solution to the problem. This business owner's policy helps protect a company's information technology so that they can recover quickly following a hack attempt.

Cyber attacks aren't just issues that consumers and business owners face. Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, recently stated that one of the biggest threats the entire U.S. faces is related to cyber warfare, as 95% of private sector networks today are vulnerable. They are becoming more brazen in their efforts to exploit personal identities as well, The Associated Press reports.

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