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6/4/2013 - Tire manufacturers ask motorists if their wheels are up to par

Tire Safety Week is an ideal time to check on your vehicle’s tires to ensure they’re in quality shape.

Even though tires are perhaps the most important parts of the car, they don't receive nearly the amount of time and attention they ought to in order for motorists to ensure that they get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. And with this being Tire Safety Week, several automakers and tire manufacturers are supplying drivers with some helpful tips that should enable them to get the most out of their automobiles.

Bill Bainbridge, director of brand communications for Hankook Tire America, notes that motorists often unwittingly spend a lot of their hard earned money on repairs due to improper tire care.

"Not maintaining proper tire inflation pressure costs consumers hundreds of dollars during their driving lifetime," said Bainbridge. "Even slightly under inflated tires require more energy and build up damaging heat more quickly. This leads to reduced fuel economy and paying more for gas than you need."

According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, of all the accidents that occur on the roadways each year, often resulting in an auto insurance claim, there are 650 highway fatalities caused by under inflated tires.

In addition to checking the tires every so often to ensure that they have the prescribed amount of air pressure - which can traditionally be found either in the manufacturer's manual or on the outer wall of the tire itself, mechanics say it's important to inspect the tires to for uneven tread wear. This could be a sign of structural problems or that one of the tires may have become damaged after scraping up against a curb or falling into a pothole.

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