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11/7/2012 - Tornado season over? Not quite yet, PCI advises

Tornado damage often extends into November.

As the season moves deeper into the fall, many may believe that the risk of storms has long since passed. But as the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America points out, there's a "second" season for violent weather that warrants caution.

PCI recently issued a warning for all residents that between October 15 and November 30, there's a heightened risk of tornado activity, primarily because of the positioning of the jet stream as colder air from the north is pushed to the south. These and other factors create conditions that are often ripe for twister activity.

The trade association indicates that homeowners throughout the country should take precautions by updating their property insurance policies and contacting their provider to discuss what their coverage options are.

Forecasters aren't sure as of yet how 2012 will compare to 2011 in regards to twister development, but as Munich Re points out, last year produced more than 1,700 tornadoes and they were the costliest type of natural disaster from a standpoint of insured losses.

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