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3/29/2012 - Towing and auto insurance

Towing may be included in auto insurance policies.

After experiencing the frustration and inconvenience of a vehicle breakdown, the last thing you want to deal with is the added expense of paying a tow truck to haul your car away. However, if you have the right policy, towing services may be covered under your auto insurance plan.

As indicates, emergency roadside services that provide for towing and labor are often covered under the comprehensive or collision portion of policyholders' auto insurance plan. The policy limits are usually different among providers and the way in which these types of claims are processed may contrast as well, but insurance plans often cover towing-related services.

Insurance companies will often affiliate with a local or national towing provider. For an annual fee, these towing-related services may often also include flat-tire changing and lost-key replacement, but the extensiveness of towing, and roadside assistance services differ, ultimately affecting how much policyholders pay for coverage.

Some plans may give policyholders choices about whether they want an all-inclusive plan or one that is more basic. Consumer Reports recommends opting with the plan that is the most comprehensive if policyholders travel frequently, as they may be more likely to experience breakdowns due to being on the road more often. 
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