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10/7/2013 - Tropical Storm Karen: Safety Tips and Resources

Taking safety precautions can help your family stay safe during Tropical Storm Karen.

With Tropical Storm Karen upon us, we've put together some safety tips and resources to prepare you for the storm. While we hope this storm has little impact on you and your family, having the right precautions in place will best protect you and your property.

  • Be aware of the latest weather forecast
  • Stay indoors during the hurricane and away from windows and glass doors
  • Locate a safe room or the safest areas in your home for each hurricane hazard
  • Prepare a plan for your pets if you and your family need to evacuate
  • Prepare a Disaster Supply Kit stocked with critical supplies, including important documents, medications, and non-perishable emergency supplies

If you've been affected by the storms, here are some safety tips the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) put together to help get you back up to speed:

  • Take care of yourself first. Protect yourself and your family from stress, fatigue, and health hazards that follow a flood.
  • Check your home before entering. Walk carefully around the outside of your home to check for structural damage, loose power lines and gas leaks. If you can venture into your home, be sure to turn off your electricity and gas.
  • Call your insurance agent to report your claim and develop a recovery plan. If you have separate flood insurance, also call your flood insurance agent to report your claim. Your agent may be able to give you advice about where to get help with cleanup and repair. Be sure to record of list of damages and take photos of those items.
  • Dry out your home. Everything will dry more quickly and clean more easily if you can reduce the humidity in the home. Open windows and doors and turn on your fans.
  • Clean up. The walls, floors, closets, shelves, contents and any other flooded parts of your home should be thoroughly washed and disinfected.
  • Look for flood assistance resources. There are many resources in your community that can help you through recovery, including voluntary agencies, businesses, insurance, and government disaster programs.

For a complete list of recommendations, please visit and National Hurricane Center, and

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