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6/29/2011 - U.S.: 'No-vacation nation'?

Few small business owners are going on vacation this summer.

Some people are calling America a 'no-vacation nation.'

According to CNN, Americans spend much less time vacationing compared to other nations, which may be due to laws on the books in some countries requiring a certain number of days off. For instance, citing a study conducted by the human resources consulting group Mercer, CNN says more than two dozen industrialized countries mandate employers give their employees four weeks of paid vacation time. No such law is required in the U.S., according to the news network.

Other factors that may be leading to Americans taking less vacation time, according to CNN, is U.S. workers rarely use up all their vacation time - only 57 percent do, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found - and studies indicating work maximizes Americans' happiness.

The notion that Americans work more may affect what business insurance entrepreneurs decide to purchase. As more employees choose to work, those extra hours may increase the risk of liability or accidents. A recent survey conducted by American Express found less than half of business owners plan on taking a vacation this summer.

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