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11/11/2013 - Veterans frequently involved in automotive crashes

Car accident rates are high among veterans, due to traumatic brain injuries, aggressive 

driving and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Of course, every day is a great one to express thanks to the men and women who served the country in the military. But there are a few special periods set aside for this very thing, one of which is today - Veteran's Day.

For nearly 90 years, Nov. 11 has been known as such, ever since Pres. Dwight Eisenhower changed the holiday's name from its original moniker, Armistice Day.

Presently, there are approximately 23 million military veterans residing in the U.S., representing the Marines, Navy, Army, Coast Guard and Air Force. While many current and former members of the armed services have spent some - or all - of their time in domestic locations, thousands served in combat on the front lines in foreign destinations, the most recent of which include the Middle East.

But a disturbing trend has emerged among many military personnel that has public health officials concerned. Last year, AOL Autos reported that auto insurance claims are high among young veterans due to the prevalence of being involved in car accidents, many of which have been deadly.

Karen Cutright, a program manager for the Veterans Administration, told the automotive news source that it's one of the leading causes of death among veterans, more frequent than suicide.

In a 2010 speech, Ronald Medford, deputy administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told an assembly of military families that he was pained to inform them that highway fatalities was prevalent among the brave men and women who served overseas.

Cutright told AOL Autos that there are a variety of reasons for why the accident rate is high among veterans, including traumatic brain injuries, aggressive driving and post-traumatic stress in the military. 

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