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1/6/2012 - What is workers compensation insurance?

Some on-the-job injuries may require employees to miss work.

If consumers have just embarked on starting their own business, they may be unfamiliar with some of the insurance aspects they need to take care of to get their company up and running. To help, the Insurance Information Institute often details what various plans are and what they're for. Recently, it chronicled workers compensation insurance.

As III says, this type of insurance plan covers the cost of medical care for workers who are injured while working. Because injuries on the work site are often serious enough that renders them incapable of performing their job function, workers compensation insurance compensates them for lost wages.

However, workers compensation systems vary from provider to provider and state to state. This includes how claims are handled and the amount and types of benefits workers receive, the III notes.

For more detailed information about workers compensation insurance, click here.

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