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8/19/2011 - What to look for after a summer storm

Homeowners should check their roof and gutters following a storm.

As many homeowners can attest, thousands of dollars in damage can be caused with just a single storm. That's one reason restoration service provider Servpro says homeowners need to be extra vigilant in the summer months.

"Summer storm damage can range from wet basements to a devastating flood, and from downed tree limbs to a tree falling on your home," said Rick Isaacson, executive vice president of Servpro. "No one can predict or protect themselves and their home from all the dangers of summer storms, but homeowners can take steps to help minimize the damage" even after a storm.

Once a storm passes, Isaacson says homeowners should conduct a thorough inspection of their roof, gutters and deck. For instance, look for loose or missing shingles and debris in gutters that may cause additional water damage.

If you are a Selective customer and experienced a loss after a summer storm, talk to your Selective agent or report your claim online by clicking here

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