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5/24/2012 - Worker productivity increases with green building

Green building has an impact on employee morale.

Building experts who specialize in green technology indicate that business owners can help contribute to good workplace morale by installing more energy-efficient utilities.

Rick Fedrizzi, president and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, noted that more consumers are considering the environmental implications of their daily activities.

"Green building certifications attract tenants, employees, even students and help to keep them," said Fedrizzi. "People want to work in green buildings, and comfortable, happy workers are more productive workers."

He added that green buildings could result in life-cycle savings of 20% in construction costs.

Robert Fox, business executive for another green building firm, said that something as simple as providing employees with climate-controlled workplaces can make a big difference in worker sentiment and overall productivity.

As business owners adopt more green standards into their operations, they may want to consider Selective's GreenPac® as part of their business owners insurance. Selective’s GreenPac® insurance helps provide coverage to replace damaged or destroyed property with an environmentally sustainable equivalent. To learn more, contact your independent Selective agent today.

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