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11/21/2011 - Animals are drivers' primary concern at night

Animals such as deer are among drivers' top concerns on the road.

According to a recent study commissioned by Sylvania, when motorists were asked about their biggest worries with regards to potential nighttime driving hazards, nearly 50% said animals darting out in front of them concerned them the most.

Approximately 40% cited poor visibility as their primary fear and 35% said it was adverse weather conditions.

"What is very clear as a result of this survey is that most drivers have real, tangible fears associated with nighttime driving,” said Joe Verbanic, marketing manager for Sylvania. "Since nighttime driving can't be avoided, taking simple measures like installing a new set of headlight bulbs might help minimize some of those nighttime driving fears, improve driver safety and provide greater peace of mind."

Having a quality pair of headlights may help reduce the risk of having to file an auto insurance claim after an accident. In order to determine whether one's headlights need to be replaced, Sylvania recommends parking a vehicle five feet away from a structure and turning the lights on. If the light is yellow and dim instead of bright and white, the bulbs may need to be replaced. 

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