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2/13/2012 - BMW recalls more than 235,500 Minis

Many Minis are being recalled.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and BMW recently announced they are recalling nearly 89,000 Mini vehicles after an investigation revealed several models posed a fire hazard.

The safety agency stated it had received 12 reports of engine fires, prompting the NHTSA to open an inquiry several months ago.

The automobiles being recalled are from the German automaker's Mini series with model years between 2007 and 2011. Worldwide, 235,535 are being recalled, approximately 88,900 of which are in the U.S.

"For us this is a pretty serious issue," BMW spokeswoman Nathalie Bauters told the LA Times, citing how the company has rarely had to issue recalls.

The recall may impact the model's future safety ratings, although it's been deemed a Top Safety Pick in the past by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Auto insurance firms may take safety tests into consideration when assessing premiums.

However, Eric Noble, president of a California-based car industry consulting firm, told the source that it's unlikely BMW's reputation will be impacted as "buyers tend to love their Minis."

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