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8/23/2011 - Crash avoidance system leads to fewer accidents

A new system in the Volvo XC60 helps reduce accidents.

If consumers are in the market for a safer car, a new study may have them leaning toward purchasing a specific luxury SUV model.

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, Volvo XC60 midsize SUVs can be equipped with an effective collision avoidance feature. After reviewing insurance filings from all luxury sport utility vehicles, claims for the XC60 were 27 percent less common. Adrian Lund, president of HLDI, said the findings are promising.

"This is our first real-world look at an advanced crash avoidance technology, and the findings are encouraging," said Lund. "[The technology] is helping XC60 drivers avoid the kinds of front-to-rear, low-speed crashes that frequently happen on congested roads."

The crash avoidance technology is called City Safety and works by automatically applying the brakes when the infrared sensor detects it is close to the rear of another vehicle. However, the system only works when the car is moving at a speed no higher than 19 miles per hour, HLDI states.

Should the technology continue to help drivers avoid automobile accidents, it could lead to lower auto insurance rates, especially if it goes on to become standard in new vehicles. 

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