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9/19/2012 - Four things for drivers to remember with classes back in session

Drivers should be alert with classes in session.

During a hot summer with temperatures at record highs, lounging around was a popular activity. This relaxed lifestyle can make it difficult for students to get back into the swing of studying for classes and homework. Similarly, with kids back at the bus stop, commuters may find adjusting to pedestrians and increased traffic flow difficult. However, if they are not careful, what they fail to account for may result in a child's injury.

With this in mind, here are four things motorists should keep in mind to avoid an accident or fine all school-season long.

1. Drive cautiously in school zones. Over the summer, drivers may have given school zones little attention, knowing that classes were out for the summer. With classes back in session, be aware of these zones, as there should be a flashing light noting when motorists need to slow down.

2. Be on guard for the unexpected. Even when traveling by a school in the middle of the day, it is wise to drive with extra care. When kids are at play during recess times or after school, children may chase a ball or some other item that may roll into the street. Be aware of these potentialities so that the brakes can be applied as needed.

3. While school buses are the traditional means of transportation for students, parents may find it to be more convenient to bring their kids to school on the way to work. Parents are advised to drop their kids off at the front of the building to prevent them from having to walk on the side of the street, where they are more at risk.

4. Never pass a school bus when its lights are flashing. One of the biggest causes of traffic delays during the school season is school buses, which have to make several stops along a typical route. However, some school bus drivers will pull over into the breakdown lane, letting those behind them to pass. Be sure that this is exactly what the bus driver is doing before passing, as it is illegal to pass a bus when its lights are flashing.

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