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4/25/2011 - How to save on auto insurance

Drivers should talk with their agent to discuss ways to save money.

Every year, policyholders are informed by their insurance company about whether or not their premiums have changed. To prepare for these changes, consumers should be armed with insurance saving tips.

Some of the more common ways to save all relate to how much coverage a policy has. These include reducing a policy's liability to the minimum level allowed by the state, dropping collision or comprehensive coverage - both of which are usually optional - and uninsured motorist coverage.

But policyholders should be aware that these savings carry risk. One costly at-fault accident that exceeds a policy's coverage limit can lead to financial jeopardy.

If motorists are willing to accept those risks, says certain models will bring more savings than others. For instance, dropping optional insurance and reducing liability coverage to the minimum allowed will bring a savings of around 55 percent, but the savings tend to differ because some cars cost more to insure.

A vehicle's safety may also factor into insurance companies' assessment of premium prices. Car buyers should check with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to see the safety ratings of their cars.

Selective offers a number of tips to help you save money on your auto insurance. To learn more, just click here or call your Selective agent today.

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